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Whether you only commute to work or drive quite frequently, it’s crucial to always put safe driving practices into place. Defensive driving prepares students for all driving hazards and how to always apply safety practices. Central Driving School’s defensive driving course is committed to producing safe, confident and excited drivers and to make the roads safer for all drivers. Our highly-qualified, dynamic driving instructors facilitate a comfortable, interactive learning experience that is valuable of students’ time. Our driving environment is rapidly changing and requires constant adjustment from driver’s and quick response time on the road. Educating drivers of the risks they may face on the road is our mission and our instructors always take it seriously.

Defensive Driving course Edmonton

What You Will Learn From The Course

Our defensive driving course will teach you the following in detail:

  • Adverse conditions
  • Fatigue while driving
  • Skid control 
  • Gravel road driving
  • Avoiding car, motorcycle, bicycle and car collisions
  • Three-part collision 
  • Respect the roadways and react if the driver merges into your lane unexpectedly
  • Aware of intersections and react if a driver does not yield
  • Prepare for a tire blow-out situation or brake failure

When you complete our defensive driving program, you will become a more efficient and safe driver that is consistently confident on the road.

Is Defensive Driving Necessary?

Yes, you can never be too safe on the road. All people who drive can benefit from defensive driving courses to develop the necessary safety practices to keep themselves, other drivers and pedestrians, safe. Assuming that all drivers will be cautious and aware of the road is not a practical technique. 

Defensive Driving Course Edmonton