Registration Form / Contract

    Student First Name
    Student Last Name
    Date of Birth (D/M/Y)
    Student Gender
    Postal Code
    Email Address
    Home Phone Number
    Cell Phone Number
    Emergency Phone Number
    Operator's License Number
    License Expiry (D/M/Y)
    License Class
    Condition Code

    Course Selection

    Essential Program for New Drivers (15 hours classroom & 10 hours in-car lessons)Extended Program for New Drivers (15 hours classroom & 14 hours in-car lessons)Complete Program for New Drivers (15 hours classroom & 20 hours in-car lessons)Advanced Driver Insurance Reduction (15 hours classroom & 6 hours in-car lessons)Brush-Up Refresher Training (2 hours in-car lesson per session)Winter Driving Specialized Training (2 hours in-car lesson per session)

    Student Contract (Terms & Conditions of the Agreement)

    1. $50.00 will be charged for an NSF cheque.
    2. Minimum 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of lesson or a $50 rescheduling fee may be charged.
    3. Student’s drivers license must be carried by the student during in-car lessons.
    4. Must obtain minimum 80% grade on the classroom test and 7.5 grade on in-car lessons to pass.
    5. Rewriting classroom test due to failure costs $25.00.
    6. $35.00 for providing duplicate certificate.
    7. The school will only be able to issue a certificate if you pass both classroom and in-car lessons.
    8. Completing in-car lessons does not guarantee that you will pass the road test.
    9. All lessons must be completed within 1 calendar year of the registration date.