Driving is quite a challenge, especially when you are new to Canada. Even if you are a seasoned driver back home where you came from, new rules and regulations here can be hard to master in a short time. Ontario’s harsh weather conditions make it more challenging. Whether you’re starting out or attempting to adopt the new rules of your new country or a seasoned driver who is behind the wheel after a long time, there’s always scope for improving your driving techniques for your own safety and the safety of others. Without good experience, it is dangerous to be out on the road behind the wheel. Keep these tips in mind before you set out:

Common Driving Errors

  • Back to the basics: Make sure you are well versed with the rules of the road and driving etiquette. Even if you are a seasoned driver, it’s easy to forget the basics as you grow older.
  • Hold the wheel properly: Make sure you follow the 9-3 position. Keep your grip firm but light for easy control.
  • Set Mirrors: adjust the mirrors and check the blind spots before you drive. The side mirrors should allow you to see areas beyond what the rear view mirror covers. Adjust so they just overlap each other to reduce blind spots.
  • Be vigilant: Keep an eye on the road in the distance, not just the traffic around you.
  • Traffic lights: Follow traffic lights. Avoid speeding through yellow lights.
  • Speed limit: Pay attention to speed limits and stick to them at all times.
  • Turn signals: Always use turn signals and maintain two car distance for extra caution. Never cross to the other lane while turning. Speed up when overtaking a car.
  • Avoid high beams: It’s not good practice to keep headlights on high beam at night. Keep your beam low on the highways.
  • Brake gradually: Brake to a stop slowly and smoothly, never sharply without warning.
  • Park with precision: Check all vehicles and their signals around you before you start parking.
  • Roundabouts: Learn to navigate roundabouts the proper way.
  • Vision test: Before you set out, make sure your vision is precise and updated. As you grow older, your vision may become weaker. Get your vision tested every three years and annually when you are past 60.

Practice Defensive Driving

Better safe than sorry. Practice defensive driving to ensure higher standards of safety while driving. If you are not aware of what that entails, call our professional driving instructors at Central Driving School, Edmonton. You will lower the chances of vehicle collisions, reduce accidental injuries, reduce court time, and keep yourself, your passengers and those on the road safe.

Refreshing your defensive driving course will help you handle all kinds of harsh weather conditions too, such as a snowstorm, rainstorm, high-speed winds, damaged roads, sharp turns and sudden emergencies such as a tire puncture in the middle of your vacation high up in the mountains or engine problems in the winter.

Central Driving School

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