The excitement and happiness of teaching your teenage daughter or son new life skills is something you will always cherish. As a parent, you may have taught your kids to swim, ride a bicycle, and to equip him with basic skills that are needed to lead a comfortable life.

Driving is one of the last but extremely essential skills that your child needs to be taught formally. If the thought of teaching your kid to drive by yourself has crossed your mind umpteen times, remember that you are not the only one. Many parents consider imparting their driving skills to their kids. Now, you may be an exceptionally good driver with a clean record, but teaching your kid to drive is a completely different ball game. Even if you are a seasoned Edmonton driver, we recommend that you send your teen to a formal government-licensed driving school.

Teaching is not the same as driving

You may be a good driver but you are not necessarily a good driving coach. A simple analogy to explain this, even if you have studied all your life, can you teach a class full of students using formal teaching materials? Teaching to drive requires a lot of patience and expertise in explaining the rules and regulations every second. It can get quite frustrating as a parent that your kid needs a lot of handholding when they get behind the wheel for the first time. This may impact your stress levels and cause a strain between you and your child when it comes to driving. This can be quite a challenge even for the most seasoned driver. Only the best driving schools in Edmonton have the patience and technique to train a new driver. They are trained to deliver the same instructions as many times as necessary and correct repetitive driving mistakes without getting anxious.


No matter how good of a driver you are, you may not know every single rule and regulation that has been outlined in the government-directed manual. Your knowledge of rules and regulations is limited to tackling some generic scenarios. Moreover, driving laws keep changing on a regular basis and you may not be aware of the latest updates and amendments. Driving schools make sure that their students get the downlow of the most updated laws and regulations. This ensures that they also pass the knowledge portion of their driving test rather than just the driving parts.

Damage to your vehicle

Unlike the driving school vehicle, your personal vehicle is not equipped with a clutch and brake on the passenger side of the car. If the car is damaged while driving, you can incur significant expenses on repair. Moreover, if there is an accident, your insurance premium can increase significantly. This is why it is best to enroll your teen in a driving school and save the possible complications.

Decreasing Insurance premium

Most people argue that driving schools are expensive. However, if you have a driving certificate from a government-recognized driving school such as Central Driving School, you may be eligible for a substantially lower premium. Here is a blog detailing various factors that will affect your car insurance premium. If you want stress-free and safe driving training for your teenage kids, enroll them in Central Driving School.