Defensive driving is great for many new, returning or less confident drivers. For some individuals, it might be required to even get your license back or before you can upgrade your license or change your driving privileges.

Your reason for taking the course will help you decide on what course is right for you.

You might be looking to potentially save on your car insurance, if your insurer will only recognize certain courses. And, not every defensive driving course will be valid or accepted everywhere. This means if you will be taking one to help you dismiss a ticket or remove points from your record then you will need to learn from the court what courses will be approved.

Once you are finished with the course it doesn’t mean it is finished, though. There are a lot of courses out there and many questions you could have.

You should start by thinking about your course needs. Will you need it to be during the evening? Do you want to take it in person or online? Will you need a certificate of completion? These are all common questions.

Another thing to think about is your learning style. You will get more out of a defensive driving course that helps cater to your learning style. For example, if you work best from the comfort of your own home then you might want to take an online course. However, if you need a classroom setting to do your best, in-person options will also be available.

Online courses will be more convenient, save time, and might also cost less than an in-person class; however, classroom options can give you more interaction and they might cater to your learning style a lot better. Either option can last from four to 12 hours or over one or many days.

Another helpful piece of advice is to check reviews online. Region-approved courses will most likely have more useful material, but you can also go online and check reviews to help you find other high-quality options for a defensive driving or accident prevention course. Keep in mind that people are usually more inclined to post negative reviews, especially if they feel they were forced to take a course in order to avoid getting a ticket.

Another thing you should do is consider if the cost of the course will be worth it to you. Courses will vary widely in cost, as it will depend on your area, the course material and whether it takes place online or in person. If you are taking a course to save on auto insurance, then make sure to check with your insurance company just how much you will be saving.

There is a major benefit to getting a defensive driving course beyond avoiding tickets, and insurance discounts. Your driving might also improve. You will potentially learn about new laws, become reminded about things you might have forgotten and you will get a refresher on good, safe driving. This is worthwhile in and of itself.