Driving lessons will not only give you the confidence you require when you’re on the road but ensure you know the rules so that your safety, and those of other drivers, is not at risk. 

Many beginners wonder about the number of driving lessons they should take and the answer is complex as every driver is different and some will feel ready sooner than others. The most important thing to know is that there is no right answer and you should take as many lessons as are necessary in order for you to drive safely and confidently. 

Learning to drive is not something that should be rushed and you need to take your time so that you’re fully prepared for the driving test. A minimum of 60 hours is recommended, although every driver is different, so you may need more practice. It is very important that you take your lessons, both in class and driving on the actual road, seriously because this is the only way you will learn and become ready. 

Spend as much time in the vehicle as you have to because it is through practice that you will gain enough experience and develop the proper skills to pass the test and drive comfortably on your own. You should spend time with a qualified driving instructor because they are the ones who can teach you properly. They will monitor your skills and help you focus on areas that need improvement. They will help you practice until they are confident that you’ve mastered all of the required driving skills. When you attempt to learn on your own, you are limiting yourself, so it’s best to learn with a qualified instructor. 

Make sure you practice in different areas so that you’re comfortable with different routes and don’t get used to just one type of road. Practicing on the same route every day will limit your capabilities as well as your confidence because you may panic when presented with a different neighbourhood. You need to practice through different challenges and develop the skill sets required for every type of scenario. This also means learning to drive when it’s light and dark outside as well as different conditions like rush hour, busy highways and even during rain so that you’re comfortable no matter what you’re presented with. 

Remember that practice makes perfect, so spend as much time as you need behind the wheel and you’ll be ready to drive in no time. In order to keep up with your skill development, you must practice often and not take breaks for multiple days at a time as that will affect your progress and set you back. 

Central Driving School in Edmonton offers driving lessons and driver training to ensure you’re confident and ready for your test and the road. If you require a defensive driving course or want to brush up on your skills, contact them today!