Whether you’re driving a small car or a large truck, your sole focus should be on getting to your destination safely. That’s your only job when driving a vehicle, so if that’s something you have trouble with, here are a few ways you can improve your focus while driving.

Train Your Brain

You’ve probably trained your brain to handle several things at once to keep up with your day to day life. However, that’s not something you should practice when driving. You need to keep your entire focus on the road ahead of you and the drivers around you, as distractions can you or someone else seriously hurt.

Plan Your Ride in Advance

Before you start the engine, set up your favourite radio station, connect your GPS or have your audiobook ready to go. Doing so after you’ve already started driving will distract you from your task and can have dangerous consequences. Take a minute or two beforehand to prepare for your drive.

Avoid Eating While Driving

If you know that you get hungry while driving more often than not, eat a big meal beforehand rather than snacking during the ride. Eating a burrito or drinking coffee while speeding down the highway won’t seem like much of a distraction until something spills and your immediate instinct is to clean up the mess. That can cost you your life, to avoid eating until you’ve at least found a safe place to park.

Don’t Get Ready in the Car

Running late and didn’t have time to fix your hair or apply makeup? Then either take the extra time to get ready at home and be even later or wait to get ready when you’ve arrived at work. Don’t risk your life or someone else’s to apply mascara or lipstick unless you’re parked in a safe area.

Put Your Phone Away

This is a hard one that you’ve likely heard several times before, but keep your hands off your phone while driving. That phone call or text message can wait. If you know you’ll be too tempted to reach for it during your commute, then throw it in the backseat or the trunk to rid yourself of the distraction.

Keep Your Pet Secured

If you’re travelling with your pet for one reason or another, make sure they’re properly secured and not in a position to easily distract you. Unless there’s something seriously wrong with them, keep your entire focus on the road while they’re present.


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