Many people assume that defensive driving and drivers Ed is the same, but the reality is that they are not, so they must be viewed as two completely separate courses. Drivers Ed courses will teach people how to drive, and focus will be placed on the basics of learning how to drive. On the other hand, defensive driving is a course specifically designed for licensed drivers, and the focus is on teaching driving defensively. This course will assume that you already know how to drive and teach you how to be a safer driver.

While defensive driving and Drivers’ Ed courses will cover some of the same fundamental lessons about driving, they serve two very different purposes and should not be viewed as the same. When deciding which course to take, you will have to consider your situation so that you apply for the course that applies to your circumstance. If you’re interested in getting your license, you would have to sign up for driver’s Ed, but if you’re hoping to dismiss a ticket or wish to lower your car insurance, you will have to take defensive driving courses.

A driver’s education course is designed to teach new drivers how to drive, and topics will include driving laws, safety practices and instructions regarding how to operate a vehicle. Both teens and adults can participate in driver’s Ed, and these courses are for those who have never been behind the wheel before and are interested in getting their licence. This course will prepare you for your driving test and provide you with the information you need to pass your exam and get your driver’s license. In most cases, this course is taken in conjunction with a behind-the-wheel class, and the material will cover vital information to ensure new drivers know how to operate and drive a vehicle safely.

A defensive driving course will teach students how to drive defensively to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure drivers do not break the law while driving. Topics will include the effects of alcohol on driving and techniques that would allow a person to drive defensively, and many people will take this course in hopes of dismissing a ticket because this material is meant for those who have received a ticket but want to avoid points on their driving record. Many insurance companies even offer discounts on their premiums if a person takes this course because students will learn how to be responsible and safe drivers.

Drivers Ed courses are fundamental, and the information you learn will significantly impact your road safety and security. If you are looking for driver training, Central Driving School can help! We have been helping students in the Edmonton area for years, so contact us today for more information!