Do you consider yourself a safe driver? Many people with driving licenses think they are at least moderately safe when driving on the roads. If you have not received any speeding tickets or incited an accident, then you might not need to worry about your driving skills; but what about other people? Statistics show that there is a rise in the number of serious car accidents and the casualties tend to be badly injured. Learning basic defensive driving techniques may be able to save your life and improve your safety on the road.

Always Wear A Seat Belt

Wearing a seat belt has become a legal requirement in the majority of countries because of its effectiveness in helping keep the wearer safe during accidents. Some individuals still consider this act to be unnecessary and inconvenient, but it is better to be safe than sorry – wear the belt!

Avoid Any Internal Distractions

Before setting off on a journey, it is recommended that you ensure all driving mirrors are set and you have a clear view of all directions. This will help you avoid the distraction of adjusting mirrors while driving or engaging in other internal distractions. Talking on a mobile phone has been declared a traffic violation, but people continue to do so even with the ‘hands-free’ options. This activity distracts an individual from driving causing them to concentrate on something other than the road. Unless the call is life-threatening, such as an emergency, then it is best to wait until you are at your destination or pull over to speak to the other party.
Driving With Two Hands On The Wheel

Defensive drivers will always clasp the steering wheel securely with their hands placed in the ‘nine and three o’clock’ positions. This position is essential because it ensures maximum control of the car at all times.

Watching Yourself In High-Traffic Areas

All experts in defensive driving techniques agree that the greatest risk area for defensive driving is a high-traffic area. One careless movement by any vehicle and there is the potential for a chain reaction to other cars in the zone. The best way to avoid accidents is to steer away from any traffic areas and head to the front of the pack of cars if possible.

Do Not Travel In A Blind Spot

Travelling in the blind spot of another person’s car can be done by accident, but it is recommended that you avoid this area when in traffic. Remember, if you cannot see their mirrors they are unlikely to see you making the chance of an accident high.

Remember, when you are driving always be aware of your surroundings, use your blinker and check your blind spots when you are merging into a different lane. Stay safe while you are on the roads and respect your fellow drivers!

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