Driving is one of the key skills when it comes to managing your routine in today’s fast paced lifestyle. Formal training provides the right safety procedures, good driving practices and confidence. One key aspect of driving is, if you are not a safe and cautious driver, you also put other driver’s and pedestrians’ lives in danger. This is the reason why driving permits are only issued after demonstrating your safe driving skills.

As an instructor in an Edmonton driving school, I am often asked the question if driving schools are better than private driving instructors. Sure, driving instructors also have formal training on how to teach young drivers correctly, but really there are several other advantages that driving schools have over private instructors.

Safety check

Most driving school vehicles are equipped with a 2-pedal configuration at the passenger side, where the trainer will be seated. This means as a new driver, even if you happen to make a mistake, the instructor has the basic control of the vehicle. This can be quite important in emergency situations. Private driving instructors will use a standard car, which will likely not feature that system.

Training material

The majority driving schools provide a lot of reading material and scheduled training lessons for new drivers to understand safety practices, fines, demerit points, etc. Moreover, they also provide learners with a real-time road condition simulation. This helps to boost the driver’s confidence before starting immediately on public road conditions.

Passing your driving test

If you are applying for a driving permit for the first time, you may already know how complicated it is to get a driving permit in Edmonton. Formal training from a driving school can actually help you to smoothen and speed up your learning curve, and increase your chances of passing your driving test.

Lower insurance premium

Canadian insurance companies offer competitive insurance rates for drivers who have obtained training from government recognized driving schools. Though most private instructors would charge much less, you will end up saving a lot on the insurance in the long run, as insurance cost of vehicles keeps increasing.

Choosing the right driving school

Selecting the right driving school is extremely imperative. Always opt for a government approved, reputed driving school like Central Driving School for learning the right skills. Remember that driving is a habit, if you learn it wrong, it is difficult to change. So choose a driving school that has good instructors, who motivate you to drive safely and boost your confidence in driving.

At Central Driving School, our instructors are trained professionals and are adept at training you with the best driving practices so that you can drive confidently and safely. We are located at Edmonton, Alberta. To know more about driving lessons in Central driving school, Call us today.